Flower Arrangements

4 Criteria To Set When Choosing The Right Florist

You have already booked your dream venue for your wedding– and the time has come when you are confused to decide which florist to choose as well as the flowers to intensify the look of your wedding venue. Now, before you are going to make any major decision, you may want to take time to think about certain important things: 1. The store First thing first, the florist you may want to hire is able to execute the exact look...

Flower Bouquets

How Flower Bouquets Can Make The Day Special For Your Special Person

Flower bouquets can be a splendid way of expressing your emotions, especially to ones who make a positive difference in your life. Bouquets are the best way to express love towards that special person in life. Flowers are colourful and true to their appearance, thereby adding colours to a relationship and making it special. Flower arrangements can be done using various kinds of flowers that are present in the garden of a house. The various flowers that are available commonly...

flower care

Flower Care Guide For Your Easter Lilies

Are you often faced with the problem of keeping your Easter Lilies blooming? Are most of your plants in the garden in sorry shape? Whether you plan to gift your loved one with lilies or you may have received a beautiful bunch of such flowers, through this blog we will help you to keep them blooming for long. Here are some of the top flower care tips that shall help you to get a green thumb- If you have brought...