Flower Care Guide For Your Easter Lilies

flower care
Are you often faced with the problem of keeping your Easter Lilies blooming? Are most of your plants in the garden in sorry shape? Whether you plan to gift your loved one with lilies or you may have received a beautiful bunch of such flowers, through this blog we will help you to keep them blooming for long. Here are some of the top flower care tips that shall help you to get a green thumb-
  • If you have brought the flowers and they are packed. Get rid of the packaging as soon as you reach home. Such packaging can waterlog the plant and lead to the rotting of the roots.
  • Find a place in the home that is bright but sans direct sunlight. Make sure that the place is cool and away from direct heat sources.
  • Regularly prune the plant so as to get rid of dead parts. It will boost the growth of the plant faster.
  • During the period of growth, keep watering the plant regularly so that the new leaves can come soon and all the brown and old leaves shed themselves.
  • Seasonal flowers require a lot more care and just when fall arrives, apply mulch to the soil and cut off the dry stems. You have to be patient as it will take another year to be at its best and bloom with fresh flowers.

You can stay assured that with the above mentioned tips, your Easter lilies will blossom like never before. However, if you want professional help then The Florist Register is your solution to all gardening woes. We have some of the best florist services listed in our huge web directory for the customers. Right from flower care to flower design, expert professionals in the domain are ready to serve you and are just a click away!

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